We are artisans, stewards and even friends

A fortunate by-product of building brands is the construction of some great relationships. Forged in the fires of hot projects and cold pizza are lasting partnerships that often bring decades of shared success.

Who We Are

We don’t have day jobs

We love advertising, but that’s only part of our story. We are students, public officials, board members, rock-stars, coaches, moms and dads. We’re connected to a community marketplace both in and out of the office. And that inspires us.

The science of making art

We may have a few nerds amongst the dreamers. Even after 50 years of honing our process and procedures we’re still exploring new ways to simplify production, capture relevant data and work smarter.

joe with 3d glasses

infographic artwork2

You are here

While our roots date back to WWII, the name AMPM was first established in 1969. Based in the Great Lakes Bay Region, just north of Detroit, we service a global client base including activity in Asia, Europe and across the U.S.

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